OVERVIEW OF THE TALK: The New Gambia heralds the end of tyranny and the dawn of a new political era characterized by the rule of law, human rights and respect for human dignity. It effectively ended the self-imposed isolation of the Gambia from the international community for more than two decades. This collective endeavour by the Gambians to defeat a monstrous tyrant and forced him into exile without any bloodshed or damage sends a strong message that Africa like in other nations cannot anymore condone tyranny. The paper will examine the opportunities for the Gambia to renew and strengthen its relations with its traditional and new partners. The paper will look at the Gambia during Jammeh’s era, the period of the impasse and his final removal through the ballot box in a free and fair election monitored by the international observers. It will also examine the relationships between the Gambia and the international community, among others.
GUEST SPEAKER: As a Gambian intellectual in the diaspora, we are pleased to invite Dr. Alhagi M. Drammeh to share with us his perspectives on the new political dispensations in the Gambia and the challenges and opportunities available to the new government in building robust relations with the world to better the lots of the Gambian citizens.
Dr. Alhagi Manta Drammeh is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, Scotland. He currently coordinates Islamic Studies programme at the College. He has lectured at the International Islamic University Malaysia and European Institute of Human Sciences in Wales. Part of Alhagi’s primary research interests focuses on Islam in Africa and Muslim-western relations. His publications include the Fallacy of the Inevitability of Clash of Civilisations (Kuala Lumper, IIUM Press, 2009). Alhagi has examined PhD candidates in Islamic Studies at various British Universities. He has presented academic papers in various countries. He is Fellow of Higher Education Academy and Royal Society of Arts UK.
The 2018 International Day of Peace talk is organised by the Centre for Global Culture and Public Diplomacy, a new initiative for this purpose, Dundee Africa Research Network (DARN), reputed for its periodic talks on African research and the Institute for Social Sciences (ISSR), known for its drive in promoting interdisciplinary research within the School of Social Sciences in the University of Dundee. Further enquries, write: and

  • Start: 20 Sep 4:00PM      End: 20 Sep 6:00PM
  • Location: Dalhousie LT2, University of Dundee.
  • Cost: Free
  •  Organiser: CGCPD, DARN, and ISSR

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